What Coaching Is

Life coaching is an action-oriented and solution-based approach to helping you express yourself, realize visions, goals, and desires, and become the change you want to see in both your personal and professional life. Through assessment, targeted learning, application of various tools and techniques, and self-reflection, you will expand your awareness, experience transformational change, and be set free from crippling thought processes and behaviors that have been previously not serving you well.

My role as your coach is to listen to you and inspire you to greatness… to promote positive growth and healthy change so you can lead a more enriched and balanced life. You define your own agenda in terms of what areas of life you wish to address. I’ll help you get there by:

  • Providing a safe and encouraging environment to explore your thoughts and feelings
  • Working with you to define aspirations that are forward-thinking and motivating
  • Breaking down life-affirming goals into manageable steps to transition you from where you currently are to where you want to be
  • Providing accountability, respectfully challenging you to step outside your comfort zone and shift your perspective
  • Offering continued structure, feedback and support, for as long as you need it, to ensure you maintain lasting fulfillment

As your coach, I am right here with you… in your quest to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick… to discover what you want out of life… and to be a part of your journey in realizing your hopes and dreams for the future. I am your sounding board and champion. You can count on me every step of the way! That’s what coaching is all about.

What Coaching Is Not

Life coaching is not counselling, therapy, mentoring, or consulting. I’m not here to dig up your past, judge you, psycho-analyze or fix you. Nor, am I here to advise you on business, finances, family matters, relationships, health or even on the direction of your life, as this kind of guidance and instruction is better left to experts in their given field.

Rather, my job is to listen to what you personally need for success, and equip you with the appropriate tools and techniques to help you learn to achieve what you want. It’s not about me telling you what to do as this is a highly ineffective way to promote growth and continuous life-long change. Coaching is more about self-empowerment… having you in the driver’s seat of your own life, to choose what makes most sense for you. 

As your coach, I won’t ever tell you how to think, act or feel. I may guide you through questioning and reframing to find new options and healthier perspectives, but ultimately, you are the one with the answers, and the one in control. It’s not my place to make decisions about your life, it’s yours! I draw on your strengths and resources to build confidence and new skills, rather than focus on what you may be lacking. 

What to Expect

Life coaching begins with us getting to know each other better through constructive conversation and conducting an initial assessment of your needs. You come with your own agenda in mind… whether it be you’re looking for help with personal goals, professional development skills, relationships, pressing issues… or perhaps you’re not really sure what you need help with so we figure it out together. As we discover where you’re currently at compared to where you want to be, we’ll be creating a safe and non-judgemental environment for you to open up to ideas and other perspectives in order to achieve growth. We’ll uncover anything that might be missing or hindering you from achieving what you want, and come up with action plans for how to go about closing those gaps. At key milestones, we’ll assess progress together, and make whatever changes are necessary to ensure you have victory.

Frequency of Visits

As I mentioned before, life coaching is action-oriented and solution-based which means the length of coaching depends on how long it adds value to your life. Some clients use coaching briefly for one intended purpose, requiring only a minimal number of sessions to achieve success, then they’re done. Others use it intermittently, when they reach pivotal points in their lives, or continually use it in all facets of life as they like the ongoing support from someone who really gets them. It’s really up to you how often you participate in coaching. However, I encourage you to see your action plans through to completion… with me… to fully benefit from the experience. 

Believe you can change your world… and you positively will!


It all comes down to you making the decision to change your present situation, and following through with appropriate action to make it happen.  I can help you along your journey. I’m only one click away!

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