You probably know all to well how isolating grief can be, and how painful and lonely it can feel. Whether you are experiencing grief from something that just happened, resulted from long ago or is about to happen in the near future (e.g., a major move), it’s all undelivered communications of an emotional nature.



Grief recovery is about getting emotional completion…discovering what you wish had been different, better, or more in a relationship, identifying unrealized hopes and dreams that were crushed by circumstance, and saying goodbye to the pain that’s been keeping you stuck. It’s about getting you to the point where you can talk about a relationship without stirring up painful emotions or it interfering with your ability to function in the present.   

Time does not heal all wounds as you may have come to believe. It’s the actions you take in time towards dealing with loss and grief that does. The Grief Support Group setting offers you an opportunity to share and connect on a heart-to-heart level with others who have also been affected by significant loss. It is a warm, safe, and open space for you to feel heard with dignity and respect…without judgment, criticism, and analysis.The program requires total commitment. Your weekly participation is vital for maximum benefit in the healing and recovery process.


You may be grieving due to a:

romantic break-up
pet loss
job loss
financial change
loss of trust
loss of faith
loss of health
loss of childhood
or any of the other 33 losses that can create the feelings of grief. You may discover after reading the list above that you are grieving as a result of an accumulation of many losses over time. This is completely normal and natural, as we don’t often associate “grief” with losses other than death.

We welcome you to join Psychology Intern and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, Gina Baretta, in participating in this transformative 8-week program that begins on January 10, 2018. Your investment for participating is $395 ($25/hour).