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Thanks for navigating to this page. I’m Sherry Card, the founder of New View Life Coach. I started this practice in support of people facing significant change in their personal or professional lives and looking for guidance and direction with taking the next steps forward. The fact that you are visiting this site indicates your desire to take action. That’s where I come in as a Change & Transition Coach. My role is to help you establish clear vision and equip you with the skills to move beyond your present circumstances, so you can be more in control of your future as well as your state of happiness.

Change is something that continually happens, good or bad, whether we’re ready for it or not. Regardless of how it comes about, transitioning through can be quite a challenging and emotional experience, depending on the circumstances and our mindset at the time. Minor change we can usually work through on our own. However, when a major life event occurs, it can really throw us for a loop. Especially, if we’re caught off guard and left on the front lines of battle without a suit of armour on. The confusion, anxiety, and stress of it all can be incredibly overwhelming. 

I’ve had plenty of moments in my life of side-stepping landmines on the battlefields and even had some go off. Although I’ve endured wounds in the process, I’ve always managed to come out on the other side of change, with healthy perspective and positive outcomes. I’ve been asked so many times, “Sherry… how do you get through the war zones virtually unscathed?” The answer is really quite simple. Live and learn.

My experiences have taught me that change is not always within my control. But how I deal with it and the impact it has on me… is. It’s really my choice whether I surrender in battle or fight for victory. Being a warrior, I will always choose the latter. This means having the courage to ward off opposition and the willingness to do what it takes when manoeuvring in unfamiliar territory to advance my position. It involves soul searching, joining forces with allies, developing tactics and strategies, being resourceful, learning and applying new skills, and having faith to soldier on!

I found that with each experience came change, with every change came growth, and with growth came wisdom and maturity. Over time, I was able to build up an arsenal of resources for conquering many of life’s battles. These tools have been invaluable to me and via coaching, I share them with you so that you too can benefit.

What sets me apart from other coaching services you may have come across is that I’m very action-based and practice what I preach. This is the pillar of New View Life Coach. I’m living proof that what I teach really works!

Let’s talk about how I may be of service to you! 

Now, as a sought-after Motivational Speaker, Career Coach, and Grief Recovery Specialist, I’m frequently called upon by individuals and corporations to share my knowledge and empower people just like you to develop your own toolkit for changing your destiny. You no longer need to feel stuck as there is a way out of all 


My passion and purpose is helping people like you to reframe their current view of challenging circumstances and develop healthy perspective. Through coaching, I aim to equip you with the appropriate knowledge and tools to effectively work through and overcome change, while at the same time, building a life framework that will fast track you to success.

I zero in on what you specifically need to move beyond barriers that may be keeping you from restoring balance back into your life. , and provide the framework for fachieving success.   



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I look forward to connecting with you.




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